How to write better English-Extra tips

Use linking expressions to connect ideas and sentences. Words such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘therefore’, ‘however’, guide your reader through your ideas and make your writing easier to read. See also Linking Words in our Grammarsection.

Be careful of referring words such as ‘this’ and ‘it’. Make sure they refer to the right word or phrase.

Write as concisely as possible. Don’t make your sentences too long, as they might become difficult to read. Avoid more than two ideas in any sentence.

Follow this word order principle to keep your sentences concise:

Subject – Verb – Object – Manner – Place – Time
(Who — Does—What— How— Where- When)

“Please could you send us the confirmation as quickly as possible.”

“The Managing Director will visit the factory on Monday 10 July at 10 am.”

Edit what you write. Use your computer spell-check, but check for grammatical mistakes yourself.

Edit out unnecessary words and phrases and avoid old-fashioned words such as “hereby”, “herewith” and above-mentioned”. Rather than writing “We hereby enclose a brochure”, get to the point with “We are enclosing a brochure.”

Read what you have written out aloud. Is it easy to read, or are the sentences too long? Have you put in enough punctuation?

Get someone else to check what you have written. Another person may see something that is unclear or a mistake.



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