If you could go back and talk to your younger self, what would you say? This is what would I say to 15 year old QQ.

Dear QQ,

Junoir high, It can be rough place you know when that is gonna come across a little harsh, I apologize in advance but you would care a lot less about what people thought about you if you know how little they thought about you. Think about this, don’t worry so much about your bad hair day, I’m not to talk to any bod that you are an idiot. “I’m not going to be confident today, I didn’t get to do my makeup” .Most people are so self absorbed with their own thoughts and worrying about if bear shirt matches their pants that they’re actually really not thinking that much about what everybody else is wearing or what everybody else looks like. So be confidence because that’s really wanted the only thing that people actually notice. Confident is key.

I know you look at other people all those guys that are just like so popular and you look at them, and you think :”Oh, I wish I could be like them, they’re perfect!”. Hey, QQ, nobody is perfect, and everybody has insecurities, no matter how confident people seem and happy day look . Everybody has hard things that they’re going to run, everybody has things that insecure about. You want to do something, let’s do it, don’t ever  let opportunity pass you by  if you can make it.

Smile more, when you walk through the halls and you look down because you’re nervous .

Start liking other people, start sharing love .

I still feel like I’m learning some of these lessons by year, you can internalize these thing, take them to heart and learn them.

Love ❤



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