Academic Writing: Format final test


Duration: 90 minutes

  1. Focus on Paragraph (40% điểm)

1.1 Writing the thesis statement for a given introductory paragraph (20%)

Criteria for grading

  • topic and thesis/central idea
  • language use (grammar and vocabulary)

1.2 Writing a paraphrase for a given paragraph (20%)

Criteria for grading

  • the exactly same main idea/gist of the paragraph
  • language use (grammar and vocabulary)


  1. Focus on Essay (60% điểm)

            Choose to write a five-paragraph essay of about 450-500 words on either of the following topics

(Chọn 1 trong 3 topics, viết essay 450-500 từ, tập trung vào 4 dạng)

–         Compare & Contrast

–         Cause & Effect

–         Argumentative

–         Classification

Criteria for grading

  • Task Response
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Lexical Resource



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