Web resources for teachers

Site name : Rubistar

URL: rubistar.4teachers.org

This website is really helpful for those teachers who want to create their rubrics in assessing performance tests. What is even better about the rubrics shown in this website online is that they can be used in measuring diverse grade levels and subject areas. This site is also related to other links that offers useful materials too.

 Site name : Creativity Resource for Teachers

 URL: creativity.denverartmuseum.org

This website is intended to meet the needs of teachers in lesson planning. Hence, the main aim of this website is to give emphasis on the artistic side of the teachers. The reason for this is that once the artistic side of the teachers has been improved already, it will be easier to do the same with the students. What is good about this website is that it shows the readers examples of lesson plans done in n artistic manner. Teachers may get ideas from these examples that can really be of great use.

Site name : Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

URL: www.glsen.org

This website is intended for k-12 lesson plans. Mostly, the concepts in this website involve the rights of gay and lesbian. Aside from their rights, how they started is also a part of the said lesson plan content. Hence, this is really good for teachers to break the barriers in equality and biases among students.

Site name : 4 Teachers


This is a good website for teachers who want to look for various references online. What is even good about this website is that they are aided with advance techniques suitable for teachers who are up to progressive teaching. This website is also good for people who want to improve their assessment tools. Lots of techniques can also be gotten from this website. There are lots of educational games on their link.

 Site Name: Teachnology (RUBRICS)

URL: www.teach-nology.com

This website is intended for those teachers who want to know how to make rubrics that can be of great basis in performance assessment. This website can give the teachers’ idea of how to create an assessment tool that is less biased in measuring performance tests. This will also standardize the whole assessment process.

Site Name: Classroom Assessments (PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT)

URL: fcit.usf.edu

This website is intended to be of help in improving the potentials of students. This is also a good website to be a reference in making rubrics that will assess specific ability. Aside from this, this website is also good at providing alternatives in assessing performance. This website is equipped with the latest trend in performance assessment. There are videos, presentations, audios and the like on the internet.


URL: abcteach.com

This website is intended for teachers and students to be knowledgeable with effective approaches in monitoring the progress of students with a use of portfolios.  Everything will be taught from the façade of the portfolio that need to be submitted down to the important things that need to be evaluated. The said website also provides formats that one can follow in organizing his portfolio like separating the important entries and the like.

Site Name: Teacher Planet

URL: rubrics4teachers.com

This website is intended to be of assistance to teachers with regard to their rubrics’ creation. This free site for teachers has lots of features such as what a particular rubric is intended for students in accordance to their grade level.  This website also has a rubric creator.

Site Name: Foliotek


This website is intended to help teachers and coming up with their portfolios online. The said portfolio will include presentation, assessment and scrapbook. For teachers who want to show their knowledge in specific learning points, the assessment portfolio can be used. On the other hand, presentation is intended for teachers who want to exhibit their work. The scrapbook on the other hand is very helpful for the teachers to be able to organize their records. This organization of records though is privately kept in the website.

Site Name: Funderstanding

URL: funderstanding.com

This website is intended to further explain what authentic assessment is. Funderstanding can also be of great help in understanding the concept of authentic assessment. The things that need to be remembered in the said assessment can also be found on the site to give teachers an idea of how to come-up with an effective authentic assessment tool. The said website is free. Other than it is free, teachers are also given the opportunity to make friends with other people. There are discussions in the site that can be a great source of new perspectives and in sights regarding authentic assessment.

SiteName: Scholastic


This website features lots of articles related to assessment. It further explains the importance of assessment. Scholastic also aims at making people realize how crucial assessment is for teachers, administrators and the students. Since the website features everything about assessment, techniques in assessing performance can also be seen and read on the site.

Site Name: Office of research education consumer guide. Retrieved from

URL: www2.ed.gov

This website is intended to give a clear picture of how performance assessment is really observed in the real classroom setting. Hence, this website also explains the advantages of performance assessment in the classroom. Aside from this, this website also intends to make teachers realize why there is a need for performance assessment, what is the coverage of performance assessment, how much will be spent on performance assessment and how valid performance assessment is.  This website can be very helpful to teachers for it provides accurate information about performance assessment that can be of great help to teachers in realizing the importance of assessment inside the classroom.

Site name: The purposes of portfolio assessment. Retrieved  from

URL: ehow.com

This website gives a clear picture of students inside the classroom, how they perform, behave and the like. Typically, it gives teachers the opportunity to consolidate completed tasks and then draw judgments from them. The website also gives an over-all look of performance assessment and then gives emphasis to each and every component. Hence, this will be very beneficial for teachers to realize that every part of a performance assessment is relevant in measuring the needs and potentials of students.

Site name: Teacher vision. Retrieved  from

URL: teachervision.com

This website gives teachers an idea on how to come-up with a rubric that can be effectively used in measuring performance test. Aside from this, tips on how to administer a performance test in the classroom is also given for the teachers to have a variety of choices in terms of assessing their students. Hence, this will be of great help in determining validly the capabilities and weaknesses of students knowing how critical performance assessment can be.



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