What teachers will never tell you

Do you want to improve your English quickly?
Are you looking for new tips to really speed up your English learning?

Tip #1 – Be Humble. The fear of making mistakes will prevent you from making significant progress in any endeavour in life. If you are worried about making mistakes when speaking English, you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities to practice English. So be humble and recognise that people do not care if you make mistakes, instead they are normally impressed that you have the courage to try and shoot the breeze with them in English.

Tip #2 – Do not focus on grammar. Grammar is great, but conversation is more important. If you focus too much on grammar you will find it difficult to converse naturally. It is amazing how much grammar you can pick up just listening to native English speakers. So instead of burying your nose in an English grammar book, instead listen to some native English speakers.

Tip #3 – Google new words. It is important to learn words in context, so that you know when it is appropriate to use it. Whenever you learn a new word, Google it. Just type that word into Google and hit enter. You will see the word used in all different contexts and you will know how to use it. So get online and take your English to the next level. Come and explore all of the exciting English learning lessons available at Prodigy English. We are determined to help you improve your pronunciation and build up your confidence in speaking English.


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